Ranks in Tinechor Thardu

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Ranks in Tinechor Thardu

Post by Manwe on Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:07 am

Ranks in TT will be fairly unimportant, primarily a mark of prestige.  If authority is needed, then they also mark authority--but most of the time, that function should be unnecessary.

Ranks are earned on the basis of time in the clan and contributions to the clan, somewhat open to interpretation.  They can also be awarded for a high degree of loyalty.

  • Kinsman:  30% of the clan (round up) total.  Longest-time members after Cauns, fairly high activity second only to Cauns, or a high degree of loyalty.
  • Caun:  20% of the clan (round up) total.  Longest-time, most active, or most loyal members.

"Active" would generally be described as either participating in events or helping their fellows.  Loyalty is generally defined as contributing more directly (and willingly, not just for the rank) to the clan, such as recruiting.

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